Vicheta Kazi, Chandausi (Sambhal)

'The function of education is to teach one to think
intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus
character - that is the goal of true education.'
                                                Martin Luther King, Jr.

Library buildings as architectural structures are culturally relevant.

From gorgeous old Carnegie buildings to modern marvels like the Seattle Public Library, library buildings are rich in symbolism and meaning. Whether it is architecturally grand or the simplest of rooms tucked into a city government building, the physical space of the library communicates to the public our underlying values: that libraries, information, and shared community space matter, something that the American Library Association (ALA) recognizes each year with its Library Design Showcase in American Libraries.

Libraries as Centers for the Arts

Public libraries strive to provide collections and services that represent various points of view, and often work closely with local artists to do so. In many communities, local authors seek out public libraries as places to promote and make their new books available, and library services like Overdrive[30] allow local musicians to upload and distribute their work.
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